09. three-dimensional


3 dimensional motion works

Sonny says 


(2024), Blender

In The Clouds (2021), Unity3D

‘In The Clouds’ is a 3D virtual experience built in Unity3D to replicate a memory.

In 2017, I visited Nepal with a group from high school and we set off on a week-long trek in the Himalayas. At the end of the 4th day of the hike, we found ourselves camping on a mountain engulfed by clouds which was a cold and surreal experience. Whilst waiting for night to fall, we took refuge in a heated room at the top of the hill overlooking the valley, where I took the deepest nap thanks to the fatigue from constant hiking and the overheated room. This environment is my attempt at a recreation of one of the most surreal and relaxing moments I’ve experienced by creating a combination of a realistic and dreamlike interpretation to represent how I felt in the time spent on the mountain.

This environment is intended to be a 5-minute experience where the user can take a break from the real world and enter this virtual world to relax. As lockdown and self-isolation have become the common zeitgeist of the current world, it also allows a chance for the player to travel to another world where they are unable to otherwise, as well as to embrace and enjoy one’s own company. Within the intended 5-minute timeframe, the environment darkens as the sun sets and users can also use this experience to end their day on a calming note.

The environment has been designed to adapt to the player’s basic needs where for example, as the environment gets darker, more light is provided automatically, and the outdoor environment is created to be expansive and minimal with limited interaction to represent a clear mind, which is all done to encourage relaxation. The refuge space is designed with a minimal and organic structural design to soften the building’s impact and portrays a ‘dreamlike’ feeling, in addition to the grass flooring indoors. Furthermore, the only furniture featured in the space that can be interacted with is a sofa which implies to the audience that there is only one objective, which is to relax and enjoy the view.

KUNA+ branding (2021), Blender

Branding design for creative group KUNA+. Metallic typographic animation created in Blender.